We LOVED the puppies from her last litter bred to Taj ! SO Olde Ridge MeeToo will  be bred to Am & Can Ch Heelmark's Taj Royale JH in the near future.
Puppies should arrive in September and go home in November. We are SO EXCITED !

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                 Ch. Heelmark's Taj Royale JH                                                            Taj Hunting                                                                     Olde Ridge Meetoo                                                                    

Bred by Ruth Sinclair-Stephens, Heelmark Vizslas , AKC Breeder of Merit 

Co-owned with Ritu Mihir & Graeme Burdon 

We have been breeding Vizslas for 15 years. However, this will be our first litter in over two years. To say we are excited is an understatement. Meetoo is a beloved family member here at Olde Ridge. She is the normal "velcro" Vizsla and loves her roll! Her name. Meetoo, came about because she insists on being a part of whatever is going on. Being a show dog was not her thing, although you can see from her photo that she is definitely title worthy.

Ch. Heelmark's Taj Royale, JH is from Heelmark Vizslas and was bred and is owned by Ruth Sinclair-Stephens,  AKC Breeder of Merit. 

(GCH Regal Point Konane MH X CH Heelmark’s RockN Rhythm JH**)    **Dam of #1 Show Vizsla in USA for 2017 

   Taj is the product of over 48 years of infatuation and dedication to the breed and its improvement at Heelmark Vizslas.  My first vizsla is credited with creating this devotion and love for the breed even though she was never bred.  As time progressed, I have bred and owned over 40 titled dogs with over 93% of these bearing the title of AKC champion.  Some of these dogs have become the foundation stock for other top US breeders who have continued the legacy of perfection in performance, trainability, conformation and  temperament.    

   Taj is an accomplished show dog who loves to work in the field.  He is a very reliable dog with other animals and very willing to please for a treat or nothing at all!  Taj has become my “heart” dog. One who knows Taj well has referred to him the most non-confrontational dog he has ever known.  Taj has his American and Canadian Championships in the show ring and is now working on his Master Hunter currently sporting 2 passes.  He finished his Canadian title by taking Best of Winners at the annual Vizsla National Specialty Show in Ontario in 2015.   

   Taj is also proving his worth as a sire having bred over a dozen litters with impeccable personalities and qualities.  He is known for enhancing beautiful heads, tight feet, short backs, a dark rust color, properly set, straight tails with correct fronts and rears which give great balance to the breed.  We are hoping more of his get will be shown in the near future as they mature.  

Meetoo 12/23/18. Almost 3 weeks to go !

Taj x Meetoo - look up any of these dogs at www.offa.org to see their health clearances

Ch. Heelmark's Taj Royale

Can NBISS Am & Can Ch. Regal Point Konane

Ch. Kizmar's Fabulous Friday ROM

Ch. Caveat Revelation Cal-Boy CD Sh VC CGC ROM

Am/Can Ch. Kizmar's Working For Th' Weekend NA NAJ OAJ OJP

Ch. Poquito's Regalpoint Ruby Tierra JH NAJ RN

Ch Paudon's Highlander CD OA OAJ

Ch. Poquito's Tiara De La Vida JH NA NAJ RN

CH Heelmark's Rockin Rhythm JH

Ch. Copper Creek Fire Point Denver JH

Ch. Szizlin Dillon Jackie's Red JH

Ch. Copper Creek CV's Whnelle JH

Heelmark's Rapper's Delight JH CGC

Ch. Szikra's Braveheart SH

Am/Can Ch Bajolo Heelmark's RockNRollN SH

Olde Ridge Meetoo

Ch. Szizlin's They Call Me Bond

Russett Leather Indian Outlaw

CH. Russet Leather Son of Sutaio ROM

Russet Leather Red Feather CD

CH. Szizlin's Ain't She Command'N JH ROM

CH. Szizlin's Soar'N Pfalcon JH ROM

CH. Szizlin's Ain't She Mesmeriz'N JH ROM

Ch. Szizlin's Run For The Roses

Ch. Jim Mar's Tarot

Ch. Jim Mar's Foolish Pleasure

Ch. Rebel Rouser's Preferred Stock

Ch Copper Creek Szizlin Kestrel

CH. Szizlin's Soar'N Pfalcon JH ROM

Ch Copper Creek Abbey Road